Every movie and TV fan knows that Los Angeles is loaded with so may places to visit that you can travel your own pilgrim’s trail for each and every genre and sub-category out there. There’s a major industry of professional tour operators ready to shuffle you into an open-top vehicle to visit the major sites, but most of these operators leave out two important locations for the true Screen Lover: Griffith Park and the Vasquez Rocks. Neither is difficult to reach, especially if you have access to a car.

Vermont Ave. Entrance (photo by author)

Griffith Park encompasses 4300 acres of land on the slopes of…

Tips for an epic road trip.

Bixby Creek Bridge, on the PCH (photo by author)

When I was a kid I used to watch a 1970’s detective show The Rockford Files with my Grandfather. I was a bit of a car enthusiast even then, and the reason I enjoyed it was that there was at least one car chase per episode. General Motors had some serious product placement going on, so every week Jim Rockford would have to flee from a bad guy in his signature gold Pontiac Firebird. But the part of the show that really stuck with me into my adulthood were these long helicopter shots of…

Steampunk aircraft at Maison de Jules Verne, Photo: Alf van Beem, Wikimedia Commons

The rising spring sun flickered cheerfully through the trees at the edge of the park making for a stark contrast for the grim scene unfolding in the grass below. Police and medical personal darted to and fro; blue lights flashing. A body had been found, smashed. The rumor spreading among the handful of gawkers behind the yellow tape was that it had plunged from the sky as if the poor devil had fallen from an airplane.

The man turned away with a shudder and resumed his morning walk. He and his dog came this way every day. They followed the…

Todd Jacob

A professional pilot by day, master of geekdom by night.

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